Villefranche sur Mer

The water of Villefranche's harbour, a true paradise for today's and yesterday's seafarers, has always been so calm and reliable that it is the destination of choice of super yachts and boats 365 days a year.

Exclusive services and Villefranche vacation villas rentals

Villefranche sur Mer is among the most exclusive destinations of the French Riviera, thanks to its numerous luxury vacation villas, some high class hotels, and the many yachts that are regular visitors to this bay.
The town is calm and picturesque and offers the opportunity to stroll up and down its steps in search of boutiques, shops and restaurants, or to go for a romantic walk in the locations where Sean Connery became Agent 007 in some scenes from the unforgettable 1983 film Never say Never.
Among the buildings of great interest to tourists, the Citadel is a magnificent military structure which, in olden days, protected the gulf from sea-based attacks.
Today this magnificent fortress houses museums, sculptures, and mementos of its last inhabitants.
Do not miss the promenade inside the bastions, from which you can admire its tranquil flowered garden.




History of Villefranche

The ancient Romans were frequent visitors, and called this harbour "Olivula". In the 14th Century its name was changed to "Villafranca", and it became an important port of the Duchy of Savoy as well as its first coastal property.
The presence of the Savoy family spurred great economic development which, however, also led to an increase in invasions and pillage.
There are many stories of pirates who lived or passed through the town, an obvious sign of the interest that seafarers have always had in this very safe haven.

Duke Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy, also known as "Iron Head", gave Villefranche a wet dock, which allowed the Duchy to have its own ships, and a number of imposing fortifications. In the same dock the ships that took part in the Battle of Lepanto were built. Thanks to this battle, European civilisation and Christianity were preserved from Saracen invasions.                       

Jardin François Binon
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