A privileged lifestyle, deluxe and indulgent services and tranquillity are the key words to describe this beautiful destination.

In Monte-Carlo it is possible to enjoy the perfect dream vacation thanks to the many exclusive, deluxe services. To mention just a few…four-star luxurious hotels, the Casino (one of the most prestigious in the world), private jet and yacht charters, luxurious car rental and the innumerous indulgent activities aimed at giving visitors the maximum pleasure in a luxurious setting. Monaco hosts many different events (decoration, arts and culture, the Monaco Yacht Show, sporting events, international theatre, musical shows, ballet and opera…), which entertain visitors all year and merit a stay at any time.

A lively little town but living to a relaxing Mediterranean tempo this beautiful and fairytale Principality, nestled between France and Italy with the spectacular backdrop of the Alps, leaves the real world and its problems behind. For these reasons Monaco and Monte Carlo remains an international destination for stars and celebrities who appreciate the privacy they can enjoy in this little corner of paradise.

History of Monaco and Monte-Carlo

The history of the Principality of Monaco is strongly bound to the Grimaldi Family. This noble family has through the years gained “the Rock”, as it is fondly known, an elite and aristocratic status.  A former fortification used by the Ligurians, its imposing palace continues to draw visitors for more pleasurable reasons. The reign of the Grimaldi Family is said to have started with a certain Grimaldo, a consulate to Genoa, who left the legacy of his name to his noble descendants.

It was during the Middle Ages, when wars raged between opposing factions, the Guelfi (supporting the Pope) and the Ghibellini (for the Monarchy), that Francesco Grimaldi arrived to Monaco. An avid supporter of the Guelfi, he escaped Genoa and was the main character in an intriguing adventure. Disguised as a monk, he hid his sword under his clothes and managed to penetrate the fortress of Monaco in order to conquer it.

Thanks to this cunning trickery Francesco was nicknamed “Malice” and the Grimaldi Family took possession of the “Rock”.
In the following years the Principality of Monaco was at the centre of continuous disputes between the various local families, but the skill and the diplomatic efforts by the Grimaldi family guaranteed that the Rock stayed in their possession and developed into what it is today.

The Grimaldi family counts traders, pirates, navy admirals and princes among its ranks, making it one of the most interesting families from a historical point of view. Today this prestigious family heritage and legacy is continued with S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco. The prince carries on the great work and generosity of spirit, which his father the late Prince Rainier III, brought to bear making his beloved home in Monaco an international artistic and financial centre and a top tourist attraction.


Monaco and Monte-Carlo not-to-be-missed events:

  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Monaco Yacht Show
  • The Circus Festival
  • Top Marques Monaco (luxury car show)


The Principality of Monaco counts many art galleries, among the most prestigious on the Côte d’Azur. Worldwide famous artists expose their work here, as well as selective new talented artists who are nurtured and supported by the generous patronage of the Prince’s family.

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