The perfect place to indulge in culture surrounded by sumptuous antiques in a charming historical context may evade you in your dreams but in reality such a marvelous place exists – Eze on the Riviera.

This all year round, exclusive holiday destination is visited by those who appreciate this most precious and rare of jewels with its spectacular hilltop setting, affording a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. The village will enthrall you with its elegant, old architecture, capturing many styles and influences within the ancient walls, which have seen 2,000 years of colorful history go by.

The town is split in two, encapsulating the best of both coastal and mountain worlds so whether visiting the seaside part or the heart of the old town on the hill, Eze offers a rich culture mixed with local traditions and an elite, luxurious lifestyle. The magical and unique ambiance of the town will envelope you at every moment. Relaxing and indulging in the simple pleasure of an aperitif on the terrace of the enchanting château, you will be pressed to tear yourself away.

The history of Eze

It was around the Iron Age that settlers chose Eze as the perfect spot to set up home, building up ramparts and fortifications, some of which still remain. When visiting the old town one gets the sense of going back in time. By happily losing your way in the maze of lanes and passages or climbing the stone staircases you will discover its secrets and be stunned by the dramatic, panoramic sea views and hidden historical treasures.
Eze is an exceptional place, just like its heritage, rich with the mysteries and adventures of its prior citizens from days of old, who created one of the most interesting and amazing places for today’s privileged international visitor to relish.

It was after the fall of the Roman Empire that the town began to build its protective fortifications against the constant onslaught of attacking pirates and destructive feuding of the local nobility. Today you can still see the Moorish influence in the architecture of certain buildings and in the gateways with their typically Eastern design. In the main church ancient Egyptian symbols are a clear reminder of the divinity of the sun and the worshipped Isis goddess, signs of this small town’s noble and magical origins with links to the powerful civilization of the Pharaohs.

Legends telling tales of traditions, as told in the legend of MadameLa Strega” merge with the realities of Eze. Sometimes the stories closely resemble reality. This is a mythical place, which has been favored by lovers over the centuries and has inspired legends as far back as the late 1500s.

Castles and luxury hotels

In Eze you will experience special moments of pure relaxation as you cut off contact from the world and embrace the tranquility of this romantic hide away.  Enjoy the pure pleasure of strolling through the lush gardens and terraces of Château Eza, Château de la Chèvre d’Or, where famous personalities such as Walt Disney and Prince Rainier III of Monaco spent quiet moments here in this secluded piece of paradise.

You will find the same luxuriously laid back, peaceful ambiance on the coast at Eze-Bord-de-Mer, with its private beaches and a spectacular historical hotel with its elegant old world style.


Eze Bord-de-Mer is easily accessible by the Basse Corniche coastal road between Nice and Monaco. While the historical center of Eze, is located on the impressive Moyenne Cornice road, which offers a spectacular panorama of the whole Riviera coastline.


Place du Gl de Gaulle
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