This fascinating mix makes Cannes the ideal destination to enjoy the privileges of its star status. The deluxe hotels amongst which feature the oldest and most prestigious on the Riviera, as well the trendy, chic venues and in vogue entertainment on offer complete the priceless package that awaits you. This is a town used to being under the star-studded spotlight and is dedicated to satisfying those seeking the ultimate in pleasures.

The town of Cannes is home to movie magic, hosting the world’s most famous of film festivals in May and the most important event for the movie industry, attended by VIPs, stars, professionals, investors, TV crews and journalists from all around the globe. The town also has a superb conference centre, one of the busiest and most dynamic in Europe. Luxury, top entertainment and joie de vivre feature high on the agenda in Cannes. For the pure pleasure of its discerning visitors, who seek the ultimate in luxurious comfort from a hotel and out of this world dining experiences, Cannes’ prestigious addresses, both deluxe hotels and gastronomic restaurants, exceed their expectations.
A prestige and lavish lifestyle awaits you with a range of exclusive activities and services – private beaches, private jets, charter yachts, and limousines -  tailored to the needs of an elite clientele.

History of Cannes

The legacy of Cannes draws from its privileged and colorful history, foremost influenced by the neighboring Italian Liguria region and also by the conquering heritage of the Phoenicians and the Romans. The name, Cannes, derives from a plant of the same name, which grows at the foot of the town’s fortress. The island of Honorat, situated off the coast of Cannes is home to a magnificent castle (commandery of the knights). The island of St Marguerite is the site of the old prison, famous for imprisoning the Man in the Iron Mask. In the 20th century from its humble historic town origins (le Suquet), Cannes rapidly developed into the thriving town it is today.

Many luxurious apartment blocks and upmarket residences were built, fuelling the international tourist industry for privileged visitors. Cannes’ history and present day, unique characteristics make it the precious jewel on the string of pearls, which make up the Riviera’s stunning locations and one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world.

Luxury hotels and historic buildings

Most of the many prestigious hotels in Cannes originate from the Belle Epoque era or were built more than 100 years ago:

  • 1863 Hotel Gray
  • 1864 Le Grand Hotel, the most prestigious from this era
  • 1876 Hotel de la Californie(neo-classical style)
  • 1912 Inauguration of the Hotel Carlton
  • 1926 Hotel Majestic
  • 1929 Inauguration of the Hotel Martinez

    Around the same time the Croisette was built, Cannes’ spectacular seaside, up-market promenade and boardwalk, graced by the stars and the jet-set who attend the beach parties on the private jetties. Its construction was probably due to the need to have a link between the port of Cannes and the nearby town of Grasse, the legendary world capital for perfume.

Entertainment, luxury and chic evenings

Casinos, trendy night spots to suit all palettes, musical entertainment, special VIP events and champagne flutes make Cannes the number one vivacious, night time destination on the Côte d’Azur. If you seek a more relaxing and romantic ambiance you have the choice of top restaurants in the secluded old town or in the serene setting of the many luxury hotels, which offer a delectable gastronomic dining experience.

Palais des Festivals – La Croisette

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